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How learner-centred teacher am I?

learner-centrednessHow learner-centred are you? Would like to check?


Cracking the New Ukrainian School Curriculum

July 01-08, EFL teachers took part in IATEFL-Ukraine Teacher Development Summer School – 2017.

The strand “21st century teaching and learning” unites 13 teachers from different regions of Ukraine who learned how to implement the New Ukrainian School Curriculum into practice.

The topics were “Teaching to Read – Teaching to Learn”, “Critical Thinking”, “Problem Solving”, “Decision Making”, “Creativity in the Classroom”, “Communication & Collaboration”, “CPD as a non-stop process”.

Kyiv was represented by Nataliia Pashchenko, EFL teacher of school 173.

Innovations in teaching

innovation-concept-paper-lightbul_450Do you feel you’ve stuck in old techniques?

Do you need the ground for insight?

Follow the link and you will dive into the ocean of fresh ideas, know-hows, tips and ‘pushes’ for professional development.

How to write lesson outcomes

You do not know what to start with while planning your lesson?

Bloom’s taxonomy will be of great use to you.


Inclusive Learning Environment: What? How? Why?

inclusive-learningHow to create learning environments that are equitable and nurturing to every student? The answer is Inclusive Learning which provides students with access to flexible learning choices and effective paths for achieving educational goals in classrooms where they experience a sense of belonging.

Inclusive Learning – What? How? Why?